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"Seth Rogen smokes the greatest gravity bong ever made and we want one"

"looks like it is straight out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory"

HEMP and GARDEN 2018

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Jerome Baker Designs

Jerome Baker Designs
The Legend Continues

Jane Bella- Counterculture for Her
Jane Bella was born to fill a perceived void in the evolving counterculture industry. Who are we? We're women who happen to partake--and these days, our enthusiasm is focused on self-care and self-discovery. We came up by redefining our expectations of how we should and could mix business with pleasure. We understand that success only comes before work in the dictionary, AND that all work and no play makes Jane a dull lady. We cherish those moments when we can catch our breath and just enjoy who we are.
We aim to serve and empower others with practical luxury--essential items and info curated for your Eco-conscience lifestyle.

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