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Bee Delightful Canna Bees

Bee Delightful is an innovative Austin honey company that actively supports the rescue and relocation of endangered bees. The company evokes a keen sense of environmental responsibility in the production of its signature Canna Bees honey products. The use of CBD in honey combines the benefits of cannabidiol with the antioxidants of raw honey. Canna Bees makes a great supplement for those who believe wellness is something every individual has a right to pursue in whatever means they desire.

Bee Delightful uses the honey from rescued bees and infuses it with CBD. This canna honey tastes great and is raw, meaning that it has not been pasteurized by heating. Honey from the company retains all of the natural enzymes that make it a better alternative to other sweet treats. This honey does not contain THC and has no psychoactive properties. Bee Delightful employs talented professionals who work to uphold the company's high standards. This ensures that every bottle of Canna Bees you receive is produced according to strict quality controls.

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Canna Bees Rescue Blend CBD Honey