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JBD Bong in a Bong JBD Bong in a Bong

From the limited-edition Signature Series by Jerome Baker Designs, the Bong in a Bong is an essential collector’s piece to any existing JBD collection. This stemless rig is hand-blown from crystal clear German Schott glass and features a slender, bent neck, flared mouthpiece, and fumed, color-changing accents. The fun is inside, with a honeycomb disc perc and a working mini old-school JBD tube perc with original JBD millis. Made for oil, wax, and concentrates, this unique piece boasts the classic JBD embossed stamp, JBD decal, and Jerome Baker Signature Series insignia.

Our Price: $475.00
Sale Price: $450.00
Savings: $25.00