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Fett Pipe by Crush PikaPika pipe by Crush R2 D420 by Crush Glass
Fett Pipe by Crush
Our Price: $45.00
PikaPika pipe by Crush
Our Price: $45.00
R2 D420 by Crush Glass
Our Price: $45.00
Blast of to a galaxy far far away Pika Pipe by Crush . You know you love this lil guy! R2D420 by Crush. This lil droid will get you out of a jam and take you to a galaxy far far away!!
Super Mush Crush Glass Trooper by Crush Glass Crush Crazy Bub
Super Mush Crush Glass
Our Price: $45.00
Trooper by Crush Glass
Our Price: $45.00
Crush Crazy Bub
Our Price: $80.00
Super Mushroom Pipe by Crush Glass. 1 up all day baby!! Trooper pipe by Crush. These trooper pipes will have you leaning toward the darkside of the moon. Crush Crazy Bub is a heavy duty, fully worked, color changing bubbler.
Crush Sherlock Bubbler 1A Crush Hammer Bubbler Black and Fire Crush Hammer Bubbler BlueIce
Crush Sherlock Bubbler 1A
Our Price: $89.99
Crush Sherlock Bubbler  is fully worked with a wig wag / reversal glass blowing technique. Great to share with friends. Fully Worked Black and Fire Themed Bubbler by Crush Fully Worked BLUE ICE Themed Bubbler by Crush
Crush Hammer Bubbler Rasta Gas Mask Bub by Crush Glass Grenade Bub1 by Crush Glass
Fully Worked Rasta Themed Bubbler by Crush Gas Mask Bubbler By Crush. Comes in 3 Colors. Awesome Bubbler and major rips!! This Grenade Bubbler by Crush gonna get you Blown to smithereens!
Grenade DubBub by Crush Glass Crush Cobalt Blue Beaker Crush Cobalt Blue Straight Shot
Crush Cobalt Blue Beaker
Our Price: $199.99
Grenade DubBub by Crush Glass , adds double the filtration and double the impact! Crush Cobalt Blue Beaker- Super Heavy, Dicho Marbles,  Worked with color and fumed for color changing effects. Major rips and fun for the whole group of friends! 3rd Coast!! Crush Cobalt Blue Straight Shot - Another Masterpiece from the glass creators at Crush. Straight Shot waterpipe, great for easy cleaning. Fully working, cobalt blue and fuming for a color changing effect. Dichro marbles and representing 3rd Coast!!

Do you crave glassware that reflects your unique personality? Crush brand glass pipes are crafted in the style of pop culture icons. Popular Crush glass pipes include the Fett Pipe by Crush and the Crush Hammer Bubbler Rasta. No matter what your tastes are, Crush pipes are offered up to let you smoke in style. This company knows that smoking is a lifestyle meant to be lived to the fullest.

The Crush glass selections are a mix of character and traditional hand pipes. In addition to Crush bongs, there are also Crush bubblers and oil rigs. Crush has been producing functional glassware since 1996. The company creates works of art that capture the essence of the counterculture. Vibrant colors, unique styles and recognized characters are the elements that put Crush in a league of its own.