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Glass Smoking Hand Pipes

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Say hello to our line of artsy, hand blown glass smoking pipes. These pieces are created by artisans who understand that smoking is a lifestyle. We've got unique glass pipes from brands like Crush Glass, and there are glass hand pipes which honor your favorite icons from pop culture. Want something a little different? Try one of several glass spoon pipes from Jane West. The choices are endless.

Why should you use a glass bowl pipe? How about better taste? Smoking from a glass bowl is like drinking beer from a bottle as opposed to beer in a can. Pipes are also extremely compact and portable. Drop them in a pocket and you're good to go. Style is another consideration. Want a hand blown Boba Fett pipe? We've got one. You've got vast options when it comes to styles and colors. These pipes also do a better job of dispersing heat, and better heating means a better smoke.