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Glass water pipes, commonly known as bongs, are the ultimate solution for smoking herbs. Our selection of glass bongs includes functional and artsy designs by Smokin Art, Cheech & Chong, and Gravitron. Smokers have literally been using bongs and pipes for centuries to get the best possible experience. The key? Water filtration. The element of water in glass water bongs serves multiple purposes. For starters, it helps to get rid of any impurities that affect the flavor and volume of your smoke. These pipes also produce a smoother hit which is much more comfortable on the lungs and throat.

We've got glass pipes and bongs that are made by the top names in the industry. Most waterpipes are simple to use, consisting of just a bowl and a stem. They are also portable enough to be taken anywhere you choose to smoke. If you're one of the few individuals that has never tried a bong, don't you think it's about time? You won't be disappointed with anything in our large collection.