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Grav Labs Stax

The Grav Labs STAX series is a complete modular smoking system you can customize to your precise needs. LazyDaze Counterculture has STAX glass for sale at amazing prices. The STAX Grav Labs system is the first modular system for smoking that is made of quality glass. Start by choosing your mouthpiece, then add percs and bases. The STAX build-a-bong concept puts you in control of your glassware.

We've got all the components of STAX bongs for sale. Choose from beaker bases or straight bases and Halo, Coil or Tree percs. You can literally craft your own masterpiece. Best of all, you can change any part of the bong whenever you like. All STAX components are compatible with one another, so mix and match as often as you like. Believe us when we say there is nothing like this on the market today.