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Grav Labs UPLINE

UPLINE by Grav is one of the most innovative bubblers you will ever experience. Grav uses a proprietary ladder perc that incorporates a stack of bubbler chambers. The Grav Labs UPLINE bubbler allows air and water to be forced evenly up the pipe. This means you will get a superior filtered draw every time. Water filtration with the Grav Labs UPLINE series helps to create a smoother draw, and it also does an exceptional job at removing impurities that affect the quality of your smoke.

Did we mention how great the UPLINE Grav Labs series of glass looks? An UPLINE bong captures the light in a way that brings out the depth of colors. From the Taster to the Steamroller, Grav has an UPLINE model that will suit your individual personality. Go ahead and treat yourself. You know you deserve it.