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Which CBD is best for me?
Last Updated: 04/30/2019
CBD is everywhere!
More than likely, you or someone you know is using these products.
We are seeing new CBD companies pop up every day and are excited to be on the right and bright side of this health and wellness movement!
How should one go about selecting a brand and product with such an overwhelming amount of options?

First, get answers to these questions for the individual considering CBD.
Why do you want to use CBD? Cost of medications are too high, looking for an alternative to medications with adverse side affects,
interest in holistic healing methods, interest in organic products.
What are you using CBD for? Physical ailments like (not limited to) pain, headaches, cramping, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, hair loss,
disease, natural cosmetic and personal care products, aging pets, general health and wellness regimes.

Which delivery method are you searching for?


Salves act as a topical for zoned treatment areas on the body. Consider a salve for treatment of chronic pain, sore muscles/muscle tension, post workout, or massages.
*Applied to the temple, the salve provides almost immediate relief for headaches.
(Salves, Terpenes/Pulverized CBD Crystalline)


CBD oil administered orally enters the blood stream directly through the mouth's mucous membranes and then process by the liver. Some customers add drops of oil to morning coffee or a glass of water before bed, but this method is most generally done by dropping the oil directly into mouth. Consider this method for relief from digestive tract issues.
*Comfort should ensue within 10-20 minutes. (CBD Isolate, CBD Oil, Droppers)


Smoking CBD flower offers effective and the most immediate relief from mental illness symptoms like anxiety/insomnia, chronic pain and migraines. Our lungs act as a direct route into our bloodstream. Inhaling high quality CBD promptly delivers the CBD's antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties. Studies have shown that cannabinoid compounds reduce infection and mucous build up within the lungs. Terpenes, also known as Pulverized CBD Crystalline can be sprinkled into joints to increase dosage a
nd flavor.
*Offers immediate relief from symptoms. (CBD Flower, Terpenes/Pulverized CBD Crystalline)


This method works right into existing morning and evening routines. Edibles are great for maintaining health and wellness on-the-go, can be easily administered to children and pets, plus they are candy! Consider these for people who have difficulty swallowing pills. CBD capsules deliver the health benefits in similar ways as edibles via the digestive process.
Effects can be felt within 30-100 minutes of ingestion and serve the body for a longer period of time due to the digestion process. (Gummies, Edibles, Capsules)

Alright, alright, alright! You are now well versed in the different types of CBD and their delivery methods!
Keep in mind that products will have a distinct taste and smell that is unique to their brand & no two are the same - That said, you will have to do the foot work in finding what you like most.
We are here to help, so reach out to us with any questions you have during your search!
Lazydaze representative can assist with price comparison, obtaining lab results, and can help point you in the right direction for product selection.

For those who prefer to shop our stores - Simply call the
location nearest you for information on what is in stock, then place your order for delivery or pickup!

*Like all industry's, some companies value quantity over quality and use cheap production methods to maximize profits.
Be sure to check the lab results of any flower you plan to smoke to ensure that it was not treated with harmful chemicals during time of cultivation.
Request lab results for all products you intend to purchase. (Most companies provide these documents on their websites)**
Do not be afraid to request this information and note the representative's willingness to share with you!
If a company is not offering transparency, they do not deserve your business.

Once you have narrowed down the specifics of why you're using CBD, what for, and which delivery method you prefer, you can then move on towards selecting a brand.
***Coming soon***Check out our Choosing a CBD brand knowledge base article for guidance and tips on finding the company that best suits your needs.

We are so excited to be apart of your counterculture health and wellness journey!

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