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Cannabinoids & Cytochrome P450 - How does CBD react with other medications?
Last Updated: 05/04/2019
We love to celebrate CBD and it's natural healing properties. The plant derived compound has truly been a gift to so many battling a wide variety of physical and mental ailments. Some of our customers use only CBD products to manage their health and wellness, while some pair it with prescribed medications. We are going to answer a few questions here on how the body reacts when cannabinoids are mixed with other medications.

What happens when Cannabinoids and Cytochrome P450 (CYP's) interact?
For most, the topic of CYP's is not familiar, but nonetheless, a very important subject to be well versed in. Substances like antidepressant and hormone medications that enter the body alert the liver to release the Cytochrome P450 gene. That same gene is released when CBD is taken orally. Cannabinoids can have a major impact on how effective other medications are that you may be taking. Cytochrome P450 causes medications to become more effective or less effective than they normally would be. This action takes place when both the medication and CBD is taken orally (CBD capsules, CBD isolate dropper administered directly in the mouth), as both are needing to metabolize in the liver and are competing for the assistance of the CYP gene.

How does CBD affect the breakdown of prescription medications?
The Cytochrome P450 gene assists in the breakdown of molecules and chemicals within our cells that come from external substances. Orally consuming CBD and various medications simultaneously can cause a disruption in the metabolic work that our Cytochrome P450 gene needs to do. Prescriptions taken with CBD can be inhibited or result in increased side affects. CBD will prevent other compounds from being broken down by the CYP P450 gene. This is known as the "grapefruit effect". Grapefruit juice taken with some prescription medications is known to disperse higher levels of the drug's chemicals into the blood as it competes for the CYP P450 gene's full attention. Like grapefruit, CBD is also a known competitive inhibitor and should be taken with caution if paired with another medication. Consult your physician if you do, or plan to, consume CBD orally with any other medication.

Which medications will be affected by CBD?
We have put together a list of several medications that are known to conflict with the Cytochrome P450 gene.
**Consult a doctor before mixing any medications with CBD.**

Chlorzoxazone - Clozapine - Elavil - Eulexin - Haloperidol - Inderal - Omesec - Prevacid - Prilosec - Progesterone - Theophylline - Verpamil - Zofran

To explore this topic further, or for a more in-depth, scientific explanation, check out this article we found on Research Gate.

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