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Cannabinoids & Cytochrome P450 - How does CBD react with other medications?
We love to celebrate CBD and it's natural healing properties. The plant derived compound has truly been a gift to so many battling a wide variety of physical and mental ailments. Some of our customer
CBD - It is legal.
Wait, is this stuff legal? Should I avoid talking about this in public, or at work? I have kids..? Relax. Let's discuss the Farm Bill first, as it pertains directly to the topic at hand - CBD legalit
What is CBD?
Let's first appreciate the acronym! Cannabidiol is a mouthful - Canna - bid - iol = CBD ! Cannabidiol is one of the 5 main compounds found in BOTH hemp and cannabis plants. The other 4 being THC Tetr
Which CBD is best for me?
CBD is everywhere! More than likely, you or someone you know is using these products. We are seeing new CBD companies pop up every day and are excited to be on the right and bright side of this healt